Norm madson

A friend of mine who had done some work previously for Mike took me over to his place around the month of May, so as a friend I was interested to go with him and finally meet Mike who had been bought up in past conversations. My first impression of Mike was that I was aware that there was something about him that wasn’t ordinary. Mike gave my friend a few odd jobs to do around the yard and I helped. As time went on Mike would talk and I would listen. His conversations were always about the Lord but the part that was so riveting was how personalized and real his actions towards the Lord were. I learned of his past and how the Lord spoke to him and led him. It was amazing to hear how real Gods leading and guidance and knowing the voice of the Lord. Mike spoke about his ministry to the senior homes and churches so I asked if I could go with him sometime. The first time I went with him I saw first hand how the Lord was using Mike and the anointing that was given to him in his music and words to lead whosoever will to the Lord. It is truly a blessing from the Lord to have a friend and mentor that walks the walk and talks the talk and above all loves the Lord with passion! What a blessing!

Elaine cooper

"Hi mike I met you yesterday at the Holden Lodge and just so you know I have terminal cancer and obviously there was a need for me to hear your message. Thank you for an amazing experience. Your message is powerful . So I came home and wrote a poem I love lyrics but can’t sing a note but you can and thought this may be of use to you I have lots of these but anyway. See if it’s of use to you."

The River Jordan Is Deep And Wild
The water rumbles and churns just so
the people coming from below
The sinners swarming to deep waters
Their sins weigh heavy on their souls

The river Jordan will wipe them clean
Just make your way to the healing scene
There wait disciples to hold your shoulders
As the waters wipe you clean

The river Jordan will save your body
It will cleanse each persons soul
The lord has mercy his life to save you
On Calvary he shared with all

The river Jordan runs far and wide
A river running no where to hide
Let me find peace by running to you
The river Jordan my sins will bare

To find the Jordan is rolling onward
The waves beat stronger year after year
Calling sinners to its current
It’s just waiting for all who hear

Come to pray and be forgiven
In the baptism of life
The Lord is waiting and he has spoken
There is cleansing when you are broken
Come to his alter, you’ll save your life

The Jordan's rolling rolling onward
In the waters of your life
Give the time to the Heavenly Father
He’ll reward you with your life
See we all think time is forever
But your only given some
Make the most of your life’s journey
Your reward is heaven bound

Mike hofer

I was born Nov 1, 1968 in Highriver, Alberta.

I was one year old I moved to Holden, Alberta with my mom, dad, eight brothers, and four sisters. In 1994 I married my loving wife, a friend who God put by my side. We have three daughters and one son. Growing up in a Hutterite colony was a great experience that never leaves you- in your strength giving 100 percent, 100 percent of the time is what has left me the greatest joy. Music with guitars or any other instrument was never allowed where I grew up. I was 17 years old when I got my first guitar. I had to hide it, while having this love for music.

When we left the colony in the fall of 2015 to be with our oldest daughter and son who left home earlier that year, it was not what I expected when years of fear and anxiety that drove me to become a workaholic, was removed from me. The music was replaced and all the dreams that were there when I was 17 were now coming through. Receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior is my greatest story I now tell and proclaim in all I do. My favourite music was Hank Williams Sr. growing up. Whenever I picked up a guitar his music flowed from me, and I was unaware that it was the Holy Spirit in his song that. It loved me so much more then anybody else ever could. Understanding now the meaning in the song he wrote: "We live in Two Different Worlds Dear" now gives me new and greater hope in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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